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HW Leather Seal Conversion Kit "26mm"

HW Leather Seal Conversion Kit "26mm"

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Vortek Vac-Seal26 Adapter Kit
Includes a Vac-Seal 26 Moly-Core piston seal.

Our Leather Seal Replacement threads directly into the piston head. The thread size is commonly an M5 x 0.8 in most Leather Seal arrangements. However, if the thread size is different from the one we supply, the OEM screw that is currently in the Leather Seal may be put through the hole of the seal retainer and used. Either way, there is now an option to use synthetic, Moly-Core seal to greatly improves damping-shot cycle and velocity performance.

Vortek Vac-Seal 26 adapter, also includes a Vac-Seal 26 Moly-Core piston seal.
This adapter/upgrade is designed primarily for 26mm cylinder Weihrauch airguns with leather piston seal mounted. With this Vac-Seal 26 synthetic upgrade, you obtain significantly better performance and smoother operation, and significantly more damping against piston slam. Easily installed with a standard Allen key. The VORTEK Vac-Seal also prevents spring fracture, which is commonly found on older spring rifles with leather piston seal.

Note that long-term use of faulty leather piston seal will result in scratches and dents in the cylinder, which may affect performance. Be sure to remove all sharp edges and scratches before you mount the Vac-Seal conversion in your spring air rifle.
HW50 New Version since 1987
Norica/Beeman brand

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