PG4 Dampening Design

NEW Pro-Guide4 STEEL Tune Kit
(4) Damping Guides- 
(2) Liener (2) Helical

Vortek Products Incorporated, long known for innovation in retrofit airgun products, introduces the new patented Pro-Guide4 having 4x-Guide damping arrangement. This is the latest of the ProGUIDE Tune Module since conception. 

The Pro-GUIDE4 tune kit have 4 guides, TWO INNER and TWO HELICAL SEATS that assure straightness at all times of engagement.

This secure alignment is best for end-matching spring to guide. Where TWO Helical guides are precision machined to the pitch of the spring (not closed and ground). This will assure all spring piston air gun owners’ greater performance due to its surface damping technology that significantly reduces vibration and presents a lower decibel report with less piston rebound.

The Pro-GUIDE4  provides a very smooth, quiet, vibration-less felt shot cycle as well as cocking smoothness. This new damping module in a form of a complete tune-MODULE, quickly responds to the mechanical nature of a spring piston hysteria through-out the compression chamber. It actually LOCKS, squeezes the spring relationship to the HELICAL thus to the inner guide upon firing. This is a new epoch in spring piston air gun history that requires no tight-guides. No Spring machining to achieve a smoother, minimum noise shot cycle.
Full Acoustical Sound Level Transmission
Though the PG4x is the PG3 STEEL design, the NEW PG4x is equipped with 4-guides with a few design changes that allow the customer (tuner) to custom fit, modify its performance easily having full use of all spring wire tensile. 

The PG4x Top-Hat is a TWO Piece component. With a Helical spacer atop a  free-to-rotate tophat guide.  The spring is open coil (OC), which allows more consistent velocity build across each of the same kit models one to another. Just a tool cut away from modifying the spring customizing its length, varying the power to pellet weights, etc. This is very important in the Countries legally having ft. / lbs., joules limits. We have tested the PG4x  Foot pound output and found kit after kit the consistent OC design staying under its limit of 12ft/lbs. relative to each other..

Parities to conventional two guide tune kits and the damping noise there of:

PG4x Precision 4x fitted guides that add beam strength to the spring thru out its use.
PG4x Performs dynamically as a static and rotational bearing reducing radial piston movement*
PG4x  Consumes more noise with additional damping resources.
PG4x  Encapsulates all power, lubrication and noises transmission
PG4x  Partitions and supports adding interference between metal moving air gun components*
PG4x  Levels out dynamic movement of internal parts post firing
PG4x  A comprehensive spring noise inhibiting encasement, at any power output!
PG4x  More damping material allocation muffling the noise burden of the power spring.
PG4x  Very Easy to install, most effective kit drowning out noise while enhancing power!
           *piston seal(s) options included if stated in each kit.