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Vortek’s NEW VX34Gas Ram
Our introductory to Precision Engineered Gas-Rams
for the Diana product line producing increased power.

Vortek known for their innovation has design exclusively for the Diana 34 EMS Air Rifle a machined, precision size and fit Gas Ram unit. The VORTEK Gas RAM is unlike most other gas rams today. Most are not guided properly with-in the piston and pressured incorrectly for properly pushing both pellets and slugs.

The Vortek EMS34 Gas RAM is manufactured to be secured by threaded rod fixed to the trigger housing. Opposite of trigger side rod leads into the RAM Tube housing. This design assures keeping lubrication on and around seals during rack time.

Internally the RAM Tube retains the features of (3) rod support positions amongst 2 dynamic seals and wiper to keep debris out pressure secure. Moreover, having two seal lube pockets maintaining consistent lubing when firing.

Also, we designed this RAM for those that want an easy (EZ) switch into modifying their Diana 34EMS from a mechanical air rifle that produces quieter-smoother shot cycle. Further, all power is unchanging for thousands of rounds. No maintenance is required and totally reliable in all conditions. EZ cocking effort approx. 32lbs!

Tom Gaylord Part7 EMS34 Test Results with Vortek VMX34 Air Ram tune kit installed.
Diana 34 Easy Modular System (EMS) Synthetic: Part 7 | Pyramyd AIR Blog         


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