Vortek Products Inc., long known for innovation in retrofit air gun products thank you for visiting our elements of creative products.
Hi, it’s in our name! VORTEK prides itself in Air gun experience and design expertise. We’ve been covering Air guns since 1991, and have seen many types through-out the years. And it seems they come and go... With that we treat them as new to us and all of the products have been personally tested and vetted by us. With this, designed and engineered a performance benchmark and rigorous usability standards. We are committed in designing "Beyond the Norm" performance products that allows you, you-the-tuner, appreciate the fine elements in air gun shooting!

We look forward to talking shop and custom machine work for those that may like a little more from their air gun.  Whether it is a 12-ft/lb-air smoothie, or a piston cut .25 caliber, big bore air gun that shoots like a 12 ft/lb air gun, give us a shout. Our personnel passion is air guns and how they ultimately perform.  Questions about your particular air gun fitting performance please know velocities will vary with each individual air gun due to each individual gun idiosyncrasy and the tune technics done to it. And the altitude in which they are used.

We may not respond to all email questions but we do appreciate questions inquiring about our products. To save us both some time, lets talk about your tuning inquiry. Your call is always welcomed.  (734) 648-0620. Cell: 517-428-1306

Vortek is located in the middle of the USA. Because of this, shipping to those around us is typically no more than 2 to 3 days!
Thank you for visiting, good shooting and God Bless USA!