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HW80/R1-PG4 STEEL HO Tune Kit

HW80/R1-PG4 STEEL HO Tune Kit

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Piston seal
Breech seal

*NEW* PG4 ''STEEL" Tune-Kit 
Drop-in Pro-GUIDE4 Tune Kit fitting HW80 and Beeman R1 Air Rifles

The redesigned PRO-GUIDE4s STEEL weighted tune kit having a STEEL Body provides another level of power 

Performance: High Output (HO)
High-Output full power up to 22ft/lbs+
Test conducted with Vortek VacSEAL30 installed
825fps (22 cal) 247m/s 14.33gr/Cromsman (Lead pellet) 21/bs!
1010fps(22 cal) 305m/s 10.03gr (Tin pellet) 23FT/LB
(.17 Calibre)~1040fps 315 m/s CP7.9gr

Product Code: PG4-HW80865148-25Hth+1c
Mfg date as of 21/09
(PG4sProGuide4-STEEL drop-in Kit
High Yield valve wire open-end power spring
Internal Guide having 1 external Helical Tophat
Lubrication for damping of metal, plastic and seals 
(Highly Recommend Vortek Vac-SEAL30) optional
    For Consideration when tuning power:
    It is the owner's responsibility to ensure legality of their air gun power output.
    Vortek’s Location of testing is 578 Feet.Above.Sea.Level. (F.A.S.L)
    For every 1000ft above or below will be approximately .029 difference in velocity, thus foot-pound (Ft/lb, Joules) of shooting energy.
    1000 F.A.S.L.x .029 = 29fps approx
    Joules= .7475=ft/lb

    Easy, do-it-yourself with virtually no pre-load force on assembly. 
    Works will all HW trigger arrangements 

    NOTE for legal limit: Vortek’s VacSEAL30 piston seal is not required for air rifle to work with PG4 installed. However, for the HO output force of PG4 and best fitting bore shooting power requires the Vortek VacSEAL30.
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