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Beeman-Weihrauch Breech Seal

Beeman-Weihrauch Breech Seal

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Vortek's Beeman-Weihrauch (HW) OEM fitting Breech Seal

Color may be different due to material availability at time of machining.
We start with a High-quality non-burning material that's flexible and durable to retain long life in its sealing integrity.
The seal construction combines two necessary features required in any good sealing application.
Elasticity to cover well over surface imperfections impeding any blow-by of air, and a tough sub-straight (85>duro)
to hold radial shifts to a minimum. Keeping perpendicular to surface during burst force.  These two key elements retain pressure
bang on straight away down the barrel! A precise robust seal designed exclusively made to inhibit any pressure loss!
Radial machined corners for EZ install of both seal and projectile.

APPLICATION: HW/Beeman Air-Rifles:
~HW30,35,85,95,10,11, RX, R1, R11, R10, R9, R8, R7,R6
Possibility others not listed
Can be easily modified for custom seal application!
NOTE: Will not work on .25 caliber barrels.

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