Shipping-Warranty & Returns

Do not order parts, tune-kits or other items for install if you do not know what you are doing and understand how an air gun is assembled and works. Considerable danger and, or even death may be done to you or others. Let those that know how to work on air guns install those items for you. Even an incorrectly-re-assembled air gun can cause considerable damage or even death to you or others. Vortek will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from attempted install or repairs to airguns.

International check-out orders must be shown in US Denomination ($) on order! 

 ALERT: USPS can no longer accept or deliver international mail to several countries due to COVID-19 service impacts.
See all countries with temporary service and guaranteed-delivery suspensions. TO see Service Suspened Countries Go here:



VORTEK PRODUCTS INC, USA, DOES NOT Will NOT support the use of freight forwarding agents out of Miami Florida or any other location. If we suspect you are using a forwarding go-between address, and, or shipping agents, or if we do ship to location for forwarding and product is held up for pick-up at thoses location. NO refunds will be issued. We have Exclusive distribution sales through-out the World. Please respect our decision not ship to your country.

SHIPMENTS In USA and International

Vortek uses Paypal or Credit Card(s) as listed through our shopping cart, for quick, secure and easy purchases with-in the USA and International export shipments. As soon as your payment reaches us, we will promptly assemble the order. Typical process time to build orders are 24-72 hours depending on prior order load and material availability. We manufacture our components in house, and do so to have in stock all assembly components required to assemble complete product for sale.

United States Postal Service (USPS), ( is the primary agent used for shipping around the World. Their charges for shipping and Delivery time depends on where you live in USA or abroad. Usually the product will arrive between 1-3 work days. Outside the US, shipping times vary greatly depending on your county's customs processing time and location in the World.

Can I pay for my tuning components by mail in payment?  (USA shipments only)
Yes, simply write out clearly on a peice of paper, or if communication has been made email, make a copy of the email dialog and mail to Vortek showing  component(s) and mail along with CASH, Cashier’s Check or Money Order drawn in USD. Once your payment has been processed, this may take up to 10days; we’ll enter you into the mailing system and shipment of your ordered will be sent. PayPal for quick delivery. Please be sure to communicate in the comment area the exact product(s) you are purchasing. Shipments in USA are  ship USPS, Prioiry Maiil, Flat-Rate, add $10.00 to the order that fall under the discription 'Flat Rate' envelope, 'if it fits, it ships'.

Returns & Replacements:

We stand by our engineering and durability of our products. If you are not satisfied with any item you purchase from Vortek Products, return it for a refund within 14 days.
Clearance Sale and Closeout Sale items are not returnable. There is a $15 restocking fee on all returned orders unless otherwise agreed upon. WE DO NOT REFUND SHIPPING CHARGES. If you receive the wrong product or items in your order we will replace at no cost. Customer is responsible to return all items to the following address:

Vortek Products Inc
440 S Dexter Road
Pinckney, Michigan 48169

Upon receipt and approval of returned items a credit will be issued.  Credits will appear on your bank statement in 1-5 business days. Payment Policies for Returns to Seller Refunds (Partially or Fully) a transaction to you, the buyer, product purchased price will be refunded totally, however, the bank and or PayPal fee to seller may, or may-not be part of the purchased dollar amount credited (returned) of order. 


Customers-Please Read-no refunds.
Vortek will ship internationally, however and unfortunitly, due to the current World order, we can'not guaranttee delivery of items to individual address, (Distribution Business Distributor different) outside the USA reqardless of carrier. If product package is not complete and or does not arrive; or arrives, missing items, thier is no refund-warranty aganist Customs or any other agent, or others that come in contact with your package opening packages and misplacing items before reaching its addressed destination.
We will do all we can do from USA shipping point. Although the above situation is rare we want to make it known to you, the customer and do appriciate the opportunty having your trust in fitting-up our products.

OPTION #1 USPS Express MailCustoms agency that retains shipment from entering voids any type of  warranty holding VORTEK not liable for replacement or refund.
  Vortek has no control as to when your package will arrive to you. All products shipped by USPS Express Mail will have a tracking# for locating by Vortek and by Customer during its transit to the final destination. Usally arrives with-in one-two weeks.  
OPTION #2  USPS Priority Mail, First Class Mail: Customs agency that retains shipment from entering voids any type of  warranty holding VORTEK not liable for replacement or refund.
  Vortek has no control as to when your package will arrive to you. What is offered from the shipping point is a Customs Form number that is supplied with each package. This number stays with the package and is proof that it was sent by us.  It may take 5 to 10 days to get your destination to several weeks depending if Customs clears your parcel. You may want to contact your Customs department with the Customs Form number.  Vortek is not responsible for product replacement nor refund if product doesn’t arrive  to the destination listed on the invoice order that may be due to Customs product detainment, non-mail and, or, any other delivery issues outside the USA. 

Vortek offers a no hassle 14 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our product, return it for a refund or replacement. For Vortek to refund the item(s), items must be returned in the original container and in the same condition as when first received. Vortek will only provide refunds to the pay method on which the original purchase was made. The process may take up to 7 days.

Unless otherwise provided on the face hereof, delivery shall be made F.O.B. shippers location. Regardless of the method of delivery, risk of loss shall pass to Buyer upon Seller's delivery to a carrier. Any delivery dates shown are approximate only and Seller shall have no liability for any delays, and or, delivery of shipment.
Our Products come with a three month Warranty from date of purchase!

Warranty: All Product Limitation of Remedies (a) VORTEK warrant for a period of 3 months from date of shipment that the goods, when shipped, will be free of defects in workmanship and material, based upon normal use, and will be the kind and quality designated or specified for use. If this is any such defect exist, or later appear, unit should be shipped to VORTEK plus $25.00 US dollars for shipping and handling. VORTEK shall than undertake at VORTEK's sole expense a prompt remedial action as stated herein to correct the same provided. Re-stocking fee of $15.00 may apply.

VORTEK shall have no obligation or liability under this warranty unless VORTEK has received written notice specifying such defect not later than thirty (30) days after such defect is first discovered, but no later than three months from the date of the goods are shipped to Customer. Customer will provide VORTEK with an opportunity to inspect and test the goods claimed to be defective. Remedial Action under this warranty shall require only that VORTEK, at VORTEK's option, repair or modify the goods, or replace the same. (b) The foregoing provisions of this paragraph set forth constitute VORTEK's sole obligation and liability and Customer's exclusive remedy under this warranty.

In the event the product is subjected to accident, misuse, negligence, alteration: improper repair, servicing or maintenance; or is installed or used contrary to local, state or federal laws, or regulations; or used contrary to VORTEK's warnings, instructions or recommendations or contrary to the purpose or manner for which it was designed; or where the alleged breach of warranty is due to incomplete information supplied by Customer represents that it alone has determined that the goods purchased are suitable for and will meet the requirements of their intended use.