Advanced Bionic Piston (ABP) Kit
Increased Power with Dead-Blow shot cycle!

Get optimal ENERGY from your air gun with a Vortek Custom machined BIONIC Piston kit installed,

When it comes to piston speed, compression rates, momentum displacement is a powerful thing.  The alloy dense BIONIC PISTON machined weight forward design yielded a significant increase in fire power while damping the shot cycle.

The Bionic piston design holds two shock absorbent rings within a precise grove engagement dynamically expands during close of shot cycle absorbing momentum, weight displacement and noise. At the same time combined with a Rotary rear-ball bearing support centralizes drag force during the speed of shot cycle whether be from pellet or slug resistance. 

Additionally, once the ABP piston is installed increased linear beam strength reduces each cocking momentum, shot cycle latch effort and any possible compression tube gouging. Moreover, the air rifle will have an increase in fire power yielding better performance shooting light, heavy pellets or slugs!  This is a measured, precise fitting advanced-piston kit that simply slides in place of the OEM piston. 

Pending Patent.


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