PG4 "Steel" Kit Design

Vorteks’ NEW PG4  “STEEL” Tune-Kit
Our new silent Steel-over-Spring, Weighted air gun tune kit

Power-Advantages of our ProGUIDE4 “STEEL” tune Kit! ~When tuning an Airgun, it is known a spring piston type air gun will tend to gain more shot control with a slightly heavier piston devise. However, it comes with some caveat.  Just having more weight in movement unfortunately effects performance across fewer pellets, fewer choices of spring wire size available in the confinement of such piston.  If you have a heavier piston, some benefits and some not. One of those benefits is less initial force to launch.  However, after launch, for every action there is a reaction...

Further, with this added piston action one will find in their tuning more requirements necessary to control the throw weight and its sum of axial movement. And adding other criteria to the power weight, such as different pellet gram weights, pellet skirt thicknesses, size of pellet head to bore, caliber, etc. Each added feature having its own consideration to refine. 

ProGUIDE4  a quad guided "STEEL” tune Kit design. Having helical guides: 1 inside 1 out! + 1 internal spring guide at base of STEEL outer-guide!

Thus, we looked at the other end. With this tradeoff and the uncontrolled of known dynamic issues, Vortek analyzed a few different approaches. One solution was testing weight with-in our own ProGUIDE3S arrangement. A spring piston fit having closer tolerances than a ordinary spring guide arrangement found from the gun manufacture. Let’s say Custom Machine fit. Eliminating and reducing at minimum, the heavy piston weight in motion. When we manufactured the PG3s from different alloys we found a change to the over-all performance of the ProGUIDE3S tune designed. And relevant to shot noise and shot performance we found a new balance between pellet power and weight ratios of each shot respectfully.
In testing, much like its predecessor the PG2 and PG3, found more of the same, though added strength radially and of course more weight damping in the final cycle of its purpose. Further found more stability control on the start whip of a spring, and close whip likewise. Even in full power-output installment. Shooting the new ProGUIDE4STEEL TUNE arrangement in heavy form, reliably provided more static beam spring interference whether light spring wire or heavy gauge wire installed. And most importantly, caliber and ammo weight thereof did not affect the radial hysteria as well.

~Our new ProGUIDE4STEEL actually responds quickly, squarely launching over-all shot cycle not just part of it as found in a Heavy Piston alone. Beneficially adds no weight to the moving object requiring no additional interference to the moving weighted object, i.e.: the guns piston. But stays static quickly to the power spring during and after shot cycle. And no heavy tars or greases needed.

We chose several popular pellets in testing, both, .17 and ,22 caliber.

Pellet Brands Tested:
Crosman Premiers
H&N both Alloy and lead type

Range of weights:
7.87g thru 18.1g

Place of Origin
Mfg: Vortek Products Inc., USA

The NEW ProGUIDE4 Quad-Guide Tune-Kit features:

  • Precision Machined Alloy Kit fitting precisely in place of OEM parts

  • Precision machined STEEL Guide Radial interference for Piston
    FOUR (4) Total guides Two Linear, Two Helical

  • Engineered to hold alignment during cocking and firing movement

  • A rotational bearing damping noise and piston movement

  • Internal geometric auto locking guide ring during firing

  • Encapsulates all power, lubrication and noises transmission

  • Maintains dynamic movement of power spring and internal parts for reduced harmonics

  • Very Easy to install, most effective kit drowning out spring noise enhancing total tune performance