Installation Instructions


CUSTOMERS INSTALL AT THEIR OWN RISK. Spring Compressor required.



1.) Properly removing and de-burring any sharp edges is necessary for stable performance of the ProGuide2 Tune Kit. Be sure that the airgun piston and contact components are clean of dirt and swarf.

2.) Using the lubrication supplied with the kit, apply approx 1/3 amount on and around PG guides, piston seal and OEM piston toward rear.

3.) At the first stage of installing into the airgun, ease the ProGuide gently into place, slowly sliding the Pro-Guide into compression tube and piston, be watchful of the entry of the Pro-Guide's outer dampening sleeve when its entering the guns piston. FURTHER, assure the cocking arm is held up ( required on some HW air rifles) to allow the outer ProGuide sleeve to pass under the cocking shoe face.

4.) Reassemble Airgun into stock.