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Gamo Advance "BIONIC" Piston Kit 25

Gamo Advance "BIONIC" Piston Kit 25

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Magnum, VORTEK Power UP!
Gamo Air Rifles that have the newer One
 (1) piece cast trigger housing in 25 mm compression tube/seal bore.

Converts many Gamo rifles of 25mm compression bore.
Below our crony velocity-test at 580 F.A.S.L (atmosphere pressure) using a couple of popular pellets in the industry. Shot from a new Gamo Whisper .22 caliber Air Rifle. Depending on the GAMO factory gas spring fill in each air rifle, velocity output rifle to rifle may be slightly different as shown:

Gamo (IGT) Standard (OEM) PISTON
JSB Hades 15.9gr:                660-675fps=15.85ft/lbs.
JSB GTO11.75gr. Alloy         825-840fps=15.8ft/lbs.

.22 Caliber
JSB Hades 15.9gr.:        730fps=18.5ft/lbs.
JSB Jumbo18.1gr.:        680fps=18.5ft/lbs.

JSB GTO 11.75gr.           890fps=20.61ft/lb. Alloy
Slugs 17.5gr. Lead:        690fps=18.2ft/lbs.

.17 Caliber
JSB HADES 10.35gr       830fps=15.50ft/lbs.
Slugs 10.03gr. Lead:     

Non fitting in Larger GAMO cylinder Magnums.
Spring compressor required.

For EZ Installation, below pictures show examples of a GAMO ONE-PIECE trigger housing. Further, how Gamo's Gas Spring is flipped around into the Bionic piston to assemble into the trigger housing with Gamo OEM provided washer. This washer can be found down inside the Gamo piston.
Washer must be removed from piston, and present on rod end with the large Body of Gas Spring facing down inside the Vortek Bionic Piston. NOTE, this install arrangement must be done in order for trigger to be latch safely. Very EZ Mod! Shoot, further straighter! Shoot, further straighter!
Any questions or need service. Give us a call we can custom install the Bionic Piston for you.   A spring compressor is require. Gamo. Call us for details.

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