We don’t cut corners; we cut springs! 
Made in USA.

You, the customer can specify the number of coils and how you would like the spring to be set. Set meaning, with ends closed, ground and polished, or, left in the raw with open ends to be customized by you for fitting. All our springs are Deflected and set to Pitch length. Meaning, they are completely cycled in stress relief having coils set for long use. Do you have a size of wire and coil count requirement, simply tell us in the Comment area of the order how many coils, once you pick the spring of size, and we will follow your instruction in how to complete the spring. Note, each one of the springs available, the total amount of coils listed are the maximum number of coils available in stock.  We do not stock springs with more coils if not listed. The number of coils as listed, are the maximum coils we manufacture and can supply.

Vortek Springs are made from High tensile, certified materials free of Mercury.
All springs ends are closed, ground and polished unless otherwise specified.

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