How to ORDER

NOTE: Vorek is using PAY-PAL for all purchases at this time. Currently we are updating our Web-Store Credit Card purchase gate-ways.
You can use most all Credit Cards in PayPal...thank you.


1. If this is your first time visit to our site you will need to first sign-in and register an account. It is important that you enter the correct email address, shipping address and other information needed to efficiently build and ship our product to you.

2.) Once you have established your personal account and signed-in choose the category on the left of the screen and the products you are interested in. Enter the number and option, if available.
Press the ‘BUY” button. This will put your choice of products in the  “Shopping Cart”.

3.) When you come to the checkout you will see your entire order including shipping cost.
The ‘shopping cart” shows the amount you have shopped for. If you wish to make a change, delete or change quantities, do so from the “shopping cart”. Once satisfied with our order, press the “Check-Out” Button.

4.) At the checkout select the payment method. Make your selection and agree with the required conditions by checking the box(s).

5.) By choosing PayPal you will be forward directly to their payment page and can make your payment.

6.) Our aim is to ship your purchase with-in the same day. Depending on work load and the amount of stock at time of purchase shipping may be slightly longer.

7.) We ship all parcels USPS, Priority Mail unless otherwise selected. If your parcel weighs more than 20lbs and or exceeds Large Envelope, FlatRate size we may ask you to pay the difference in shipping cost.

Can I pay for my tuning components by mail in payment?
Yes, simply write out clearly on a peice of paper, or if communication has been made email, make a copy of the email dialog and mail to Vortek showing  component(s) and mail along with Cashier’s Check or Money Order drawn in USD. Once your payment has been processed, this may take up to 10days; we’ll enter you into the mailing system and shipment of your ordered will be sent. USA shipments only. PayPal for quick delivery. Please be sure to communicate in the comment area the exact product(s) you are purchasing. Shipments in USA are  ship USPS, Prioiry Maiil, Flat-Rate, add $10.00 to the order that fall under the discription 'Flat Rate' envelope, 'if it fits, it ships'.

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