New Pro-Guide3tm Tuning Kit
Very Quiet, HELICAL GUIDE Design 

Though the PG3 is similar to the triple guide PG2 design the NEW PG3   is coupled with a few design changes that allow the customer (tuner) to custom fit, modify its performance easily having full use of all spring wire tensile. 

The New PG3   assembly is a equal guide arrangement. Gist, each one of the internal guides nearly split equally making up for total stroke length and Outer PG3 shell stationary to them centered mass of deflection.

PG3   Top-Hat has the actual Pitch of the spring built right in-to it, called the Helical Top-Hat (Hth tm).  The spring is open coil (OC), which allows more consistent velocity build across each of the same kit models one to another. Just a tool cut away from modifying the spring customizing its length, varying the power to pellet weights, etc. This is very important in the Countries legally having ft. / lbs, joules limits. We have tested the PG3-12   Foot pound output and found kit after kit the consistent OC design staying under its limit of 12ft/lbs.

Likewise, with a quick turn, the top-hat positions to another pitch position adjusting slightly the power output, up or down.

The new
PG3  Helical OC spring-allows all wire in the spring to be loaded and released freely rotating on its axis. No bind given due to closure imperfections. Furthermore, added deflection equals slight more output.


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