Pro-Guide2 and Pro-Guide3tm 
The Silent, Proprietary Design, Dual-Guide Tuning Kit for Airguns
Vortek Products Incorporated, long known for innovation in retrofit airgun products, introduces the new Pro-Guide2 Dual-Guide, Damping Tune-Kit. This new tune-kit will assure all spring piston airgun owners’ greater performance due to the damping technology that significantly reduces vibration and presents a lower decibel report with significantly less piston slam.

The Pro-Guide2 provides a very smooth, quiet, vibrationless felt shot cycle. This new damping module in a form of a complete tune-MODULE, quickly responds to the mechanical nature of the spring piston hysteria through-out the compression chamber. This is a new epoch in spring piston air gun history that requires no machining to achieve a smoother, minimum noise shot cycle.

The Vortek Pro-Guide2 dampens and isolates noise quickly!

Full Acoustical Sound Level Transmission  

The heart of Pro-Guide2’s ability to dampen more than any other form of kit today is its Dual Guide, built-in damping guide system. Pro-Guide2 hydraulically floats the coil spring using no tight guides, which gives the shooter the expected velocity performance from their gun. Further this retention module combines technological advanced materials that absorb vibration and are not affected by weather.

In addition, the technology allows for smoother, easier cocking due to its proprietary dual guide design that stabilizes the cocking stroke from beginning to the end of trigger engagement. Further, there's no need to re-lube once installed for the Pro-Guide internally retains the factory lubrication for the life of the system. Affordable, easy to cock, smoothest shot cycle and quiet. The Pro-Guide2 is the most comprehensive damping tune-kit in the market that you can buy providing the highest level of influence over spring noise without compromising down range velocity and accuracy.

The Pro-Guide2   allows you the flexibility of quickly changing the performance of your air gun. Isolates vibration acoustics, minimizes bounce, piston slam and gives the shooter the highest level of air gun performance at a minimal cocking effort!


Vortek engineering Insight on Tight Guides and Tar New Technology

Above the PG2 module is shown a typical spring guide, washer and spring from a well-known air gun manufacture. This guide and spring arrangement, when tested, produced an average velocity out-put in .22 caliber using 14.3g pellets of 689 fps. 

Most all OEM spring guides are molded and are undersized to allow ease of manufacturing and reduced cost. Due to the open tolerance requirement between the guide and spring it's free from spring bind thus the highest velocity can be expected from each gun produce using this power arrangement. However, due to this open tolerance the spring noise is amplified as well.

The PRO-GUIDE2 dual guide damping kit arrangement, though with less spring wire and compressed power, produced an increase average velocity of 720 fps, using the same air gun and 14.3g pellet ammo!

The PRO-GUIDE2 Guides are machined from a solid billet material. This precision machined assembly in action adds beam strength against mid spring cant. With their exact, matching tolerance and proprietary shape for each air gun it's designed also helps in reducing the chance of piston bounce. It is the ultimate, drop-in (DIY) spring guide kit for eliminating hysteria-shock and vibration from springs in air gun shooting.

Old school guide arrangement with heavy unpredictable performance tar.      


Vortek’s patent, ‘Quiet’ performer Dual-Guide tune module!

Parities to conventional two guide tune kits and the damping noise there of: 

PG2 precision fitted guides that add beam strength to the spring thru out its use.
PG2 performs dynamically as a static and rotational bearing reducing radial piston movement*
PG2 consumes more noise with additional damping resources.
PG2 Encapsulates all power, lubrication and noises transmission
PG2 Partitions and supports adding interference between metal moving air gun components*
PG2 Levels out dynamic movement of internal parts post firing
PG2-A comprehensive spring noise inhibiting encasement, at any power output!
PG2 More damping material allocation muffling the noise burden of the power spring.
PG2 Very Easy to install, most effective kit drowning out noise while enhancing power!
 *piston seal(s) options included if stated in each kit.

Wear Resistant PRO-GUIDE2 now proprietary fitting for most popular air guns! Once installed the PRO-GUIDE2 creates a floating, internal bushing with its resilient slippery surface.
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