HW30 showing.


A precision, all inclusive. teflon guided piston having an user adjustable valve design that converts a center-latching coil spring piston air gun into a center-latching compressed Pneumatic (air filled)  airgun!  
VORTEK's 2020 INNOVATED close tolerance air-piston design for the end-user. No need to spend more or pay less in an air gun to get Gas Piston technology. No need for long barrels, same piston arrangement design costing more money. For those that love their HW, Diana, AirArms quality we've developed an User friendly tune-kit using the available, free air we breath through a pump or tank. Either-one, inexpensively provides self contain fill power that stays bang-on.
VORTEK Products Inc, Pinckney Michigan USA currently developed a new air rifle tuning kit called the, CFL (center-fire-latch) Pneumatic Piston. An user adjustable Pneumatic Piston having a filling port valve. The valve for in/out pressure resource via hand pump or tank is easily adjusted by fill pressure and simply by pushing in the valve to bleed small amount out for fine tuning pellet weight ratio. The new CFL tune kit will have exacting OEM tolerance fitting in place of a center-rod piston and triggered. This precision  transforms your airgun liking to PCP smooth performance. A simple pneumatic piston action rifle with virtually minimal maintenance, absolutly no mechnical spring noise, with no fill-tank or up-keep.
To the CORE
Vortek promises to give today’s shooter convenience to modern spring piston Airguns having the peak ability to experience compresserd air in terms of accuracy, quiet-sustainable-power with adjustability at minimum shooting cost! No modification to the gun’s components. Simply replace old piston arrangement, and shoot. Absolutely Urban friendly and all out accuracey for field target hunting. You, the shooter will find pleasure in the new performance of your CFL tuned gun! While other manufactures are chasing the tank turning away from piston type airguns, we are tuning in core power. We’re serious about the simplistic, affordable, convenient shot pleasure of a spring piston airgun…

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