The Pro-Guide2 "Quiet" Tunekit
Wear Resistant PRO-GUIDE2/3 proprietary precision machined airgun TuneKit! 

 precision fitted guides that add beam strength to the spring thru out its use.
 performs dynamically as a static and rotational bearing reducing radial piston movement
 consumes more noise with additional damping resources.
Encapsulates all power, lubrication and noises transmission
 Partitions and supports adding interference between metal moving air gun components
 Levels out dynamic movement of internal parts post firing
A comprehensive spring noise inhibiting encasement, at any power output!
 More damping material allocation muffling the noise burden of the power spring
Very Easy to install, most effective kit drowning out noise while enhancing power!

Please NOTEs regarding questions about your gun the fitting performances:
Velocities will vary with each individual air gun due to each individual gun idiosyncrasy and the tune technics done to your air gun. Simply dropping in the ProGUIDE2 tune module, we have been told once installed the air guns perform beyond the guns current velocities before the Vortek install. As well the silence and smoothness at which it performs. 
When emailing us, please understand, if we do not respond to all email questions, though we do appreciate questions inquiring about our product. We are just unable to pin point  YOUR particular performance guestion(s) how and at what velocities your DiY tune will perform after install.   We like talking airguns and help others with thiers. To save us both some time, lets talk. A simple call to us is welcomed.

(734) 648-0620. 
Included in each kit:
Proprietary fitting Dual-Guide assembly for quiet smooth operation
High Yield-Spring mfg. from Chrome Sil or Chrome Vanadium valve wire
Lubrication for all areas of airgun
Vortek Piston Seal in PG2 kits  (for most kits)
Install instructions
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