OEM Replacement Springs

Springs fitting over the Origanal Manufactures spring guides.

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Diana 45 Replacement Spring
DIANA 45 Older Air Rifle Full power Replacment Spring PRE-SET, VALVE QUALITY, SHOT PING CHROME S..
Diana/RWS 48/52-54-56 Replacement Spring
DIANA-RWS replacement Spring Fitting OEM guides Spring measurements:.820 ODx.128"&n..
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Diana/RWS/Umerex AirKing 350 Full Power Spring
​Direct replacement Spring fitting guides for DIANA-RWS Bam and other like products! Spring measur..
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FEINWERKBAU 124 Replacement Spring
FEINWERKBAU 300 Replacement Spring
FEINWERKBAU 300 Air Rifle. Suitable fitting  OEM Guide  PRE-SET- HIGH YEILD SHOT ..
Hatsan135/Patroit Power Spring
  Vorteks hi-pitch wire design replacement spring for Hatsan 135, Patroit magnum air rif..
FITTING HW30 and Beeman R7 OEM guides. Drop straight away over OEM guide(s) Chrome Sil Valve ..
Walther 55--OEM spring replacement
Will fit nicely into the Walther 55 Air rifle. Drop straight away over OEM guide(s) Chrom..
Diana 34 OEM Replacement  Spring
DIANA 34 Replacement Spring! Drop-in, Replacement Spring with Closed, polished Flat Ends Fitting&n..
Hatsan 125 OEM Spring
Vorteks hi-pitch, direct wire design replacement spring for Hatsan 125 magnum air rif..
Ruger 'AirHawk' OEM replacement spring
Ruger AirHawk Replacement Spring! Drop-in, Replacement Spring with Closed, polished finished e..
OEM Gamo Replacement spring Model 20m x 3.04mm wire x 31 coils  270mm OL High Yeild Val..
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HW 95/97 Spring 12Ft/lB
   Sub 12 FPE spring fits directly over BEEMAN and WEIHRAUCH (HW95,97/77) ..
HW95-R9 Replacement Spring
Fits directly over BEEMAN and WEIHRAUCH (HW) Guides  Replacement size OEM Sprin..
HW97 Replacement Spring
Fits directly over BEEMAN 97 and WEIHRAUCH HW97 Guides  Replacement size OEM Sp..
Gamo OEM Replacement spring
Direct replacement spring for GAMO Models: [19.82mm x WD 3.1mm x ID13.8mm ] 11.000" OL, CGP..
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Fitting the Orginal Webley/Patroit Air Rifle built in England. Full Power Output+ 905148-40..
PG2-REPLACEMENT SPRING PG2-HW95 HO KIT This spring fits the NEW PG2 Pro-GUIDE KIT guide arran..
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