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We’re excited about the new and ever growing opportunities in the industry.  We plan on this site to exhibit innovative design and ideas as they are created, more importantly, many new things that are happening right now here at Vortek.

Vortek Products Inc, long known for innovation in retrofit air gun products, has been in the air gun business since 1989 providing innovated, custom-built air gun muzzle brakes and tune kits. With many years of experience in manufacturing, we were the first to receive a patent for a “Hollow Head, nylon Tip Pellet”, and receive the first and only patent for a “center Latching” gas spring piston for air guns in 1994!

These pasts few years have been a busy time with new product designs and most recently, Vortek was awarded a multi-year contract with Crosman Corporation, East Bloomfield, NY, http://www.crosman.com for the licensing of the new “silent gas-spring retro-fit and airgun technology”, trade name; “NITRO PISTON”, NPSS Air Rifles that produce high velocities from a short-stroke cylinder, and shares an ease of cocking relative to its power!

We are also very excited to launch, what we believe to be the next generation in mechanical, spring piston technology, the PRO-GUIDE2, with its exclusive ‘Dual Guide’ proprietary damping module’ that can be design into virtually any air gun model in the world!

We look forward to talking shop and custom machine work for those that may like a little more from their air gun.  Whether it is a 12-ft/lb-air smoothie, or a piston cut .25 caliber, big bore air gun that shoots like a 12 ft/lb air gun, give us a shout. Our personnel passion is air guns and how they ultimately perform.

Vortek is located in the middle of the USA. Because of this, shipping to those around us is typically no more than 2 to 3 days!

We look forward in the chance to meet and talk with others in this exciting world of air guns. Thank you for visiting, good shooting and God Bless!




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